Are you a designer who creates jewelry? Do you want to sell your handmade jewelry online and make some extra money? Learn how to sell your handmade jewelry on Etsy!

The Problem When Selling Online: How to Overcome the Competition

So, you’ve been creating your own jewelry and now you are interested in selling it online. That is the smartest decision ever, as all potential customers can be found on the internet today.

There is only one problem when selling online – the competition! In order to be a step ahead of your competitors you need to have a unique product, an inventory, and to put your time and effort into promoting your small online business. Even though the competition on the internet is huge, you will be able to grab the success you deserve if you work hard enough and dedicate yourself to your business.

Sell Jewelry Online on Etsy

If you are interested in selling your jewelry online, there is no better place than Etsy. Etsy is a specialized online marketplace for selling handmade items, crafts, art pieces, and vintage goods. On Etsy, you can sell absolutely everything that is handmade including clothing, accessories, electronic products, jewelry, and etc.

In order to start selling on Etsy, you need to open an Etsy shop first. Opening a shop is free, you only pay when listing a new product (the fee you need to pay is 20 cents per product for four months). You can design your Etsy shop how you like, based on your style and preferences. Once you are done with designing your shop, decide what type of jewelry you are going to sell. For starters, you can pick at least 7 different products. Give your customers a choice and offer them more products in order to attract their attention.

Selling on Etsy is fun, especially if you are running a successful shop. In order to improve your online business and to increase your sales, you need to add great photos of the products you sell. Invest in a good digital camera and learn how to take great photos. Regardless of how great your jewelry is, if you don’t have great photos, the customers will start to avoid your products. Try different backgrounds and use a god lighting. That’s the key to taking clear pictures!

It is important to make changes when selling on Etsy. Every positive change can bring you positive outcome!